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University Women of Flagler (UWF) awards scholarships to qualified high school seniors annually. We, also, continue to support “Take Stock in Children”, an additional scholarship for at-risk children in grades six through nine.

How are these scholarships funded?

The UWF organization plans several fundraisers throughout the year. They have included the Fashion Show and Luncheon a Day of Games which included a delicious pot-luck luncheon provided by the membership, raffle and door prizes at these events, 50-50 raffles at our monthly membership meetings, donations, and the promotion of other venues that continue to support our mission.

Scholarship applications are now available online and at the Flagler and Palm Coast libraries.

Scholarships for College

University Women of Flagler (UWF) awards scholarships annually.


How do I apply (or reapply) for a scholarship?

Application Deadline:  January 16, 2016. 

Purpose of the Scholarship:

To enable and encourage outstanding high school students to pursue a college degree

Type of Scholarship:

An award based on the student’s academic standing and enrollment in an accredited college or university

Criteria for Scholarship:

  1. Be a female, US citizen, and a resident of Flagler County for at least one year
  2. Be a graduating senior of an accredited high school
  3. Present a current official transcript of credits indicating a minimum high school average of B or a GPA of 3.0, and SAT /ACT scores
  4. Three letters of recommendation:  one personal (not a relative) and two professional (teachers, religious or community leaders, school administrators, etc.)
  5. A brief essay, 12 point type that must include the following:
    a. Educational/career goals
    b. Present accomplishments (special awards, honors, etc.)
    c. Why you are applying for this scholarship
    d. Involvement in school and community activities
    e. Employment experiences
  6. Provide proof of acceptance to an accredited college or university

Download an application here.

Scholarship Award:

            At least $500.00 per year

Criteria for Renewal of the Scholarship:

  1. Scholarship recipient may reapply
  2. Continued enrollment at an accredited college or university
  3. Overall grade point continues at 3.0 or higher
  4. Full-time status
  5. Good citizen
  6. Future scholarships are dependent upon availability of funds
  7. Inform the UWF Scholarship Committee of your intentions by contacting the UWF Scholarship Committee.


1.   The selection committee will consist of current members of the Scholarship

2.  The Scholarship Committee will review all complete applications and make its
selections in a timely manner

3.  If there are any questions, call one of the Scholarship Committee Co-chairmen:

  • Gina Barclay-McLaughlin   (865) 406-4213
  • Maralee Walsh-McDaniel  (386) 445-0791
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